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Commission Availability

Commissions are closed for the foreseeable future. Many thanks to the clients that I have worked with in the past! Sales pieces will occasionally be offered - please sign up for the newsletter or follow on social media for updates.

Reserving a Spot

Orders are booked six months at a time with a specified number of commissions per month. Commissions booked in the same month will be worked on simultaneously, and are projected to be completed in the month they are commissioned barring anything unexpected. Clients will be kept up to date on anything that might extend the length of their commission. 

Commission spots may be reserved as long as there are openings on my website. You may reserve in one of two ways: for the next available spot or for a specific month, if an opening is available. If you know exactly what you want when you reserve your spot, great! We'll discuss the details and record them. If not, no worries! In either case, you'll be contacted around the first of the month in which your commission spot falls so that we can confirm details.

You'll have 2 business days after I contact you to confirm or decline your commission spot. You're welcome to wait until I contact you to decline your spot, or you can contact me ahead of time if you know it won't work out for you. If there are available spots, you're welcome to move it to a time that works better for you.

If a reserved spot becomes open, it will be offered to my newsletter group first, then to the public. Depending on the commission schedule and my personal schedule, I may choose to add additional commission spots in a given month. These will also be offered to the newsletter list first, and then will be advertised to the general public.


Commission spots are limited to one set per spot, defined as one saddle and any accessories that accompany it. 

Each base set includes a basic saddle, bridle, girth, and single pad (if applicable). Additions to your commission may include pads, additional bridles, upgrades (two toned leather, raised and padded bridle, silver on western tack, carving, etc), or other pieces such as breastplates and boots. Additions will be priced on a per-commission basis. Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your commission and receive a quote! If you have something specific or unusual in mind, pictures always help.

Regular Stablemates (all plastics, many resins)
English: $150 | Western: $150 | Saddle seat: $160-170 | Costumes or specialty tack: per case 

Large Stablemates (WeeJay, The Babysitter)
English: $175 | Western: $175 | Saddle seat: $180-190 | Costumes or specialty tack: per case

Curio (Mini Hazel)
English: $200 | Western: $200 | Saddle seat: $210-220 | Costumes or specialty tack: per case



Payment will be due in full when the commission has been completed or at the end of the month it was completed in, whichever the client prefers. A deposit is not required to hold a commission spot or to begin work, unless the project will be difficult to sell (ie, fitted to a drastic custom) or requires special hardware, in which case a deposit to cover materials will be required. Shipping will be exact to your ZIP code or international address and added to the final cost of the commission.