Houston, we have progress!

I've been stumped on my current WIP for the last several days. I'm creating an in hand surcingle set based on this real one: http://www.remmepark.com/photography/kentuckyshow_2008/show8/pho-184.htm but with purple instead of teal. I simply could not figure out how the hip drops (also called kidney flaps) are attached to the crupper! The folks on Blab helped me find some better reference photos, and while I never got a concrete answer, I got close enough to piece things together. Now, I have the body of the surcingle, crupper, and hip drops done! I had the purple embellishments done, but the paint I used started to crack so I'm going to have to remix it and try again. I wasn't happy with the color I had before anyway, so it's back to the old drawing board!