Next Please!

I have a line of 2 or so orders that require the model being shipped for fitting. This usually only happens with resins, and I always look forward to handling the resin-y goodness. I have one resin my mini collection, a Tombstone Cowboy who is in the (long) process of being stripped during my (non-existent) spare time. I love getting to see these other performance minis, but it makes me want them! I have a PeeWee Bold Endeavor on my workbench right now, being fitted for a western set. He's a really lovely mini with a VERY nice sorrel paint job. Makes me want to keep him! I'll have to be satisfied by hunting down copies of this resin for sale.

I've got one of the bridles that's going home with him partially finished, and I wanted to show off the reins. This is the 2nd or 3rd set of rommel reins I've done, and I tried something new after reading about it in another tack forum. I used stickywax to wax the thread after I completed my four strand round braid, and it looked really nice. I was going to leave them plain, but it just didn'd look off they came, and I added silver beads and little blue knots for decorative purposes. I'm really happy with the result, and I'll be making a pleasure bridle in this style to sell.