Oh boy....

I have a typical "teenage" car for my area. It's older, has a lot of miles on it, and may or may not break down within the next two and a half blocks. Well, it's a little better than that. It's a 94 Taurus that I got for $550 at a garage sale. For a first car, it's decent. It gave me some trouble with the transmission early last summer, but the shop we took it to couldn't find anything wrong with it and it's been fine since. I noticed my brakes making funny sounds (I now know it's grinding) a few days ago, and had my dad look into it today. He was going to give it a test drive, and didn't even make it around the block before saying that it needed to be in the shop. I took it down today, and hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow. I had to find someone to cover my shift at work tomorrow too, but a coworker was looking for more hours this week anyway so that worked out.

Just be praying that it doesn't end up being too expensive...and that I'll know when to draw the line. If it's too expensive, my car is old enough and has enough miles on it that I really need to put it towards a new one.

On a good note, I've got the saddle mostly done. I need to add a horn and finish the rigging. This set will have a bridle, tie-down, breastcollar, and rope when all done.