Working Western Set

It's done! Well, almost. I was reminded after I posted it on BLAB that I need to wrap the horn! That hasn't been done yet, but it will be before it goes out to it's new home.

I probably went overboard on detail...almost all of the buckles are WORKING tongue buckles! I don't expect the customer to adjust them (nor do I recommend it!), but the LOOK is amazing. I really like it. I also edged all of the tack (except for most of the havana pieces) in black, and it looks stunning. Really finishes it off nicely. I don't do that on all my saddles, but I think I will start doing it on all of the darker ones. I really didn't choose a good mold to model this tack though. It makes the seat look very flat and the pommel very high. Trust me, it's just his withers!

This does seem to be the time to order western next project is a western performance package, which includes everything you need for pleasure and gaming classes and will work for 90% of working events. There is one saddle with a moderate amount of silver, two bridles, and then a variety of accessories. I'm working on the rommel reins for the pleasure bridle right now, and I'll post a photo when the pleasure bridle is all done.