Clean Up

This is my last post for the day, I swear!

After every project, I like to clear my work area of the leather scraps, bits of thread, glue, paint, and the tools that never seem to make it back into their places during work. It helps me clear my head before starting something new, and makes the next project so much easier!

Since the orders were very similar and used the same color of leather, I had no clean up period between my last two orders and it showed! This photo shows my desk before clean up. I've got leather, glue, tools, and who knows what else spread out everywhere. The overflow made it onto a tray that I put on my bed during the day, and was able to move back to the desk on top of everything else during the night.

And the after! All of the junk has been removed and put away or thrown away and the essentials are lined up ready for use. All that's left is my next project!