My Crazy, Crazy Life

Things have been speeding up in my world...I think I may have overbooked myself this month, and might see about shifting some orders to April. I also have a donation to MEPSA that I completely forgot about...time to rummage around and see what I have that can be completed! As much as I would like to, I just don't have time to make an entirely new set.

Besides my tack business, my graphic design side is starting to kick in. I've been asked to design some horse images for a game that will come out in early 2010, and there's the possibility of expanding this into other games and areas. My workload at our church has increased slightly, and my Wednesday nights, formerly one of the best times for me to work on tack, are being taken up with training a new guy to work the PowerPoint and sound system. I may be getting more hours at my "real" job as well, and we have API this weekend. Saturday evening through late Saturday night and possibly the wee hours of Sunday morning will be taken up with inventory.

As far as tack goes, I almost have a dressage set finished. It needs reins, the girth finished, and I'm embroidering the saddle pad now. Photos of the saddle itself (sans stirrups) are shown below. I also got two orders shipped off yesterday, so that's two less things sitting on my desk!

If you have an order with me, you may be hearing from me soon in regards to moving your order back. Hopefully that won't happen, but we'll see.