The Last Micro Set & General Update

I was procrastinating on this set...I had just one rein left to do, and I kept putting it off. Last night I finally just glued it down, and now it's done! Hurray!

This is, for all intents and purposes, the last micro set I will be doing as an order. I may, at some point, actually make some to sell but I doubt it. It did turn out very well though!

This brings my orders down to just two...I'm so excited about that! I did overbook myself for march, but these two orders are all I have for April and will probably be all I take. I'm going up to full time for 6 weeks at my job to make the transition between managers more smooth, and that won't leave much time for tack amidst other activites. It's getting warmer, too, and that means more riding time!

My lesson horse of two years died of old age nearly two weeks ago, and after a few days in the doldrums I got back in the saddle on my new buddy, Clyde. He's a 17 yo Quarter Horse gelding, and probably stands somewhere around 15 hh. We're just getting used to each other right now, and working on his bending.