Open Books and Progress

Long time no post, and I apologize! Things got busy, and I was lacking inspiration for a while. However, I'm back in action and accepting limited orders for "summer". Ideally these will be finished by September, but you never know....Besides that, I've been busy in my studio, so here are a few things I'm working on right now!

Western pleasure set, to be sold. Trying a new method with the swells/horn/pommel, as suggested by Lauren Wood. Works wonderfully, but I think it may be a bit high here.
This one is an english style endurance saddle with a textured seat. This will also be for sale when completed.
This pony set was just for kicks, but I'll be selling it too. The bridle needs keepers and the saddle has a few details to be added as well, but it's almost done!
Just showing how freaking cute it looks with a rider! Sorry about the poor lighting...And one of my current orders. This set still needs leg protection, but is almost done.