I may have mentioned cleaning out my tack box and selling some stuff. I thought I had everything sorted and listed. BUT ( you knew that was coming) apparently I did another "purge" a few months ago and stashed the rejects in a tub buried way back in the dark recesses of my supply cabinet. I discovered it today and let out a groan. MORE stuff to photograph, MORE ads to place, MORE emails to field. Oh joy.

Here is what I found:

->GP saddle/bridle/girth in oak bark, likely G2 TB
->GP saddle/bridle/girth in deep mahogany, pony/G2 QH
->Hunter/jumper saddle/bridle/girths (2)/breastplate, G2 something.
->Jumper set with boots/breastplate/grackle, G2 TB
->Jumper set with ridiculously detailed bridle/boots/belly guard girth, G3 warmblood
->Two western pleasure saddles, G2 QH/pony. Very very small.
->Two working western saddles of medium size. One will be thrown away immediately and will never see the light of day it's so pitiful. It's also very old.
->Unfinished jousting set with saddle, bridle, skirt thingy, and armor
->Various arabian halters, from native to showring - most with real chain
->Dr. Cook's bitless bridle for stablemates
->Black/red/silver vaulting set with lovely "jewel" accents. Live show placed, actually. 3rd or 4th at AHL. Judges comment was that it would have won with a wee bitty vaulter on the horse.
->Unfinished two-tone (black and oakbark) english saddle, G3 WB size
->Hollywood style arabian halter/collar set in purple with pretty rhinestones.
->Blue and black bareback set with bridle and breastcollar
->Black english side saddle with sandwich case, no bridle, G3 TB
->Unfinished white/red/black circus costume, Stone Chips Clydesdale size
->Pebbles scale fox lane/saddle seat saddle with girth. No stirrups/bridle

Very little of this (barring the western saddles) are actually rejects. What they are is complicated. They're from my phase of working slip buckles. Used everywhere a real buckle would have been. Very fiddly, and delicate, and uncertain. I have since learned the error of my ways (thank you, cheseri-of-blab, fount-of-all-mini-tack-knowledge) and find it insufferable to deal with; even tacking up for photos is nearly more than I can bear. This stuff will slowly be listed to MH$P/BLAB, but if you want to make an offer feel free. It's almost all LSQ, and will knock a judges socks off in a photo show as long as it's used properly.