New Sales Pieces

I finished up two sales pieces today and thought I'd post them here. You can find them on MH$P under the vendor A. Kirby.

I've also developed an obsession with laced reins. I did my first mini pair a few months ago when I made a set for WeeJay and I decided to try them a little bit smaller. It turned out wonderfully! I use a single strand of regular embroidery thread, lightly waxed, for my lacing.

First up is an eventing/jumping set made for the G2 Thoroughbred. It's definitely suitable for lower level cross country and some show jumping. It includes heidi style boots and, gasp! Laced reins! I do mean laced, folks! Not braided, laced! I've listed it for $70PPD.

And then the grand disappointment...I made this set just to have an excuse to do another set of laced reins, I enjoy them so much. What I didn't realize is that the leather I was using really had too strong of a grain. The problem is that I didn't realize until the saddle was nearly done. I'm advertising it as PSQ, though I think it could handle a more relaxed live show setting or definitely a novice division. Breaks my heart, though, because aside from the grain it's gorgeous. The shape of the tree is perfect and the reins - stunning ;)

It's listed for $65PPD