Show for the Cure Live

Started five years ago, Show for the Cure Live is hosted by Jenna Nejman. All proceeds for the show go to a cancer benefit, and the past 4 years she's designated a different form of cancer for each show. I've been donating to this show for a while and it's a really fun project every year. Jenna is a doll to work with, for one thing, but cancer runs in my family, too. I lost both of my paternal grandparents to forms of cancer and a few other, more distant, relatives as well. It's a pleasure to do what little I can to help out.

This year's theme is for all cancers and the color scheme Jenna gave me was "Rainbow". In a previous post I mentioned that I was doing a reining set for the new WEG stablemate as my donation, but I just realized as I was going through some previous correspondance that I had planned to make a western pleasure set for an already donating Working Girl! Back to the old drawing board, then, and I'll rework the reining set as a sales piece or maybe a second donation if it's completed in time. Here are some photos of my past donations to S4TC.

In 2010, the theme color was teal. I can't recall exactly what form of cancer this represents, sorry for the brain-dead moment! The seat of this gaming saddle was hand stitched, and I included a rodeo-style halter with the rest of the accessories.

In 2009 the theme colors were green and yellow. I did a combined donation with a friend who does props, and this was the tack set. I'm afraid I don't have any photos of the jump.
I can't even FIND information for 2008 and 2007, so unless Jenna could tell me what I did (if anything!) that will have to remain a mystery.