Then and Now

A really fun thread came up on the Blab today. Artists were sharing their "then" and "now" pieces. Things they'd done when they first started, and where they were today. It was really amazing to see some of the differences! A couple of tack artists jumped in, and I thought I'd play too. I'm posting the pictures here as well!


Then! This is around 2005, I think.
I was using hot glue for most of my tack. Can we say ouch? I used Super Glue for the really tiny stuff...again, ouch! Using toothpicks as glue applicators hadn't quite come to me yet. It should be noted that these are not really my FIRST pieces, just the ones I was most proud of when I started moving out of "play" tack. I still have quite a few saddles from the "play" period...and YIKES!

In other studio news, I'm plugging along on my donation for S4TC. The saddle is mostly done and one of my best so far, but the bridle will need to wait just a little longer while I experiment with glues. I'm playing with Mindy today and working on a new pattern for a saddle seat saddle, plus dyeing leather for Manuela's english set for Working Girl.