Studio Progress

I finished Manuela's english saddle this morning. I say it alot, but I really really love this saddle! I wish it could stay with me, but it'd never get shown. The stirrups from Horsing Around look wonderful on the saddle and I couldn't be happier with them. This makes the third english saddle for Working Girl that I've done in the last month and a half, all using the same pattern.

Here's a general update of studio happenings and things to do:

  • Show for the Cure donation needs to be finished
  • Manuela's Working Girl order needs the bridle and other accessories finished
  • Natalie's WeeJay will be coming to the studio soon for fitting, I need to start dyeing the leather
  • Kris's Rayne will be visiting some time in the next two weeks, and I can start dyeing the leather for that, too.
  • I'll be working on a sales set for Mindy while I wait for Natalie and Kris's ponies to get here.

I worked out a new saddle seat pattern for Mindy and tried it out on yucky scrap leather, now I just need to build a pretty one. I'll also be working on a sales set for WeeJay when Natalie's is here in the studio. I'm going to try to remember to get measurements for his head this time so that I can have them on hand. Fingers crossed the pattern from my last WeeJay order will work, but I may need to revise.

Oh, here's a fun photo to give you a good idea of scale:The saddle is perched on my index finger :)