Over My Head

You know that sinking feeling you get, when you realize you've scheduled too many things into your calendar over a given period of time? I've got that feeling.  I made absolutely no progress on anything last week.  School, work, and some volunteering thrown in made it impossible.  Class should be seriously slowing down now that I've submitted my final project for the 1/2 semester mess. I'm hoping that with a decent sleep schedule and the now easier workload at school I can get things back on track.

I'm still exhausted from last week, but I'm going to try to make some progress on Natalie's WeeJay set today.  That needs to be ready for AHL in May, so it's my priority right now.  I have a pair of laced reins 3/4 of the way done, assuming I don't break them when I lace up the the other side of the second rein.  I already broke the first one I tried, so I should have it out of my system for now.

There are issues with the server that hosts my website and email right now, too.  The website is working periodically, but mostly it's just timing out.  The same thing happens with my email, so they sit in my inbox until the server lets me log in.  The whole thing started four or five days ago and was a legit problem on their side, but now they say it's fixed and don't know what's up.   If you need to reach me and haven't gotten a response from the usual email, give me a shout at tuffspot90@live.com.