Progress Report

It feels like it's been a long, long road on this set.  It really hasn't, but everything seems longer when you only get to work on it on the weekends.

As a general progress report, I've got quite a bit of work lined out.  I think it'll be enough to keep me busy until June, but I'm never very good at projecting a time frame for saddles or predicting how much time "real life" will take up.  I'm keeping my books tentatively open, just in case, but I'm going to work through the 10ish (holy cow!) saddles I have down right now before starting any brand new orders.

And a more specific progress report!

  • Natalie's WeeJay set is DONE.  Working Girl needs laced reins, then ready to ship.
  • Shauna's WeeJay set is in progress, probably 75% completed.
  • Heather's set for the HA riding pony will be started next. 
  • Morg's Working Girl english set will be started once Shauna's tack is finished.
Everyone else on the list, I'll be contacting you for deposits as things move off of the work bench.