Show for the Cure Update and Progress

The Show for the Cure was last Saturday and from what I've heard was a raging success!  At least one of my customers was there and had an entry in an english class with a saddle I finished up a couple of months ago.  I'm not sure how she placed, but Jennifer Buxton (of Braymere Saddlery) judged the class and had a photo of the set on her blog.  And I quote: "The tack was made by Anna Kirby and without a doubt, it's the nicest stablemate scale English tack I've ever seen."  Can we say "squee"? That pretty much made my day!  

Jenna, the hostess of the S4tC, got back to me on Saturday and let me know how my set did.  My jaw absolutely hit the went for $255!  It's a charity show and so I know that people are often a little more liberal with their funds, but I was astonished all the same.  

Right now, I'm working on Natalie's WeeJay set.  The saddle is very close to finished, the girth is done, and I'm working on the breastplate and bridle today.  I forgot how much I hated WeeJay's mane.  While glue is drying and such I'm working on a carved western saddle as a sales piece.  I'm thinking it'll be a working saddle when I'm all through.  Photo-etched bits are running low, though.  Gonna have to get some more, pronto.