Something Constructive

I actually did something constructive before work this morning! I took photos of the corrected S4tC donation saddle and all six saddle pads that go with it. The only problem is that my computer is doing strange has a history of oddness, actually, but only recently has it started refusing to recognize my camera SD card. I haven't had time to see if it's just the one card, just my computer, or what.

That issue is prompting me to take charge of my computer again. Despite being the sole user and administrator (or so I thought...) Vista won't let me do certain things. Like remove a piece-of-junk program that I don't want. So today I've got some homework out and I'm backing up files to prep for a deep clean of this monster. Actually...the back up is looking a little stuck too. What fun!

I miss the bright, clean newness of factory settings. I'm almost tempted to restore this PC, but I'm not sure that's a great idea. For one thing, I don't have the disk for Photoshop! Can't lose that, and with a huge car expense/new car looming over my head, can't afford a new version, either.

Just so that this post isn't totally worthless, here's some studio updates. This is just the stuff on my desk right this minute. I know there are a few people on the waiting list and so forth but I keep those files on a flash drive that is currently not connected to the computer, so I can't check or name names.

In Progress
  • Natalie's WeeJay set: saddle mostly built
  • Shauna's WeeJay set: saddle mostly built, bridle started
  • Mindy saddle seat set: bridle done, saddle started (will be a sales piece)