Another One Down...Ninety Billion to Go

Yesterday afternoon, between Disney movies, popcorn, and six or eight episodes of the X Files, I wrapped up Shauna's saddle.  She asked me to recreate a really neat eventing saddle with front and back kneeblocks. It was a really fun project that came together very easily.  I got to try a new technique, too.  Protective legwear is much easier to tack up if reinforced with wire.  Who knew? Plus, I'm on a five or six pair roll for laced reins! No breaks in a long time, so I think I'm really getting good at that.

I've still got a LOT of work to do, though.  Seven saddles are still to be started, with varying levels of difficulty.  Seven might as well be ninety billion right now, since the school semester is drawing to a close and I start a new job in exactly two weeks! Yikes. 

All of that said, though...this post is useless without pictures, right? Right!

Pssst...if you want to bid on the Working Girl set, you've got until the 23rd!