I Am Sick and Tired...

...Of being sick and tired.  I've been fighting a painfully sore throat, stuffy nose, and pressure on my left ear since last Tuesday.  Pretty much nothing has been accomplished in the last seven days, and until I'm feeling better not much is going to happen.  My attention span is astonishingly short right now and my five hour shift at work completely wiped me out.  I have a couple of papers to write, and those need all of the concentration that I can muster. 

This is day four of my ten day antibiotic, and I DO feel much better, but definitely not well.  Hopefully, prayerfully, I can get this sinus infection or whatever it is (the doctor was surprisingly stingy with the diagnosis, and being sick I didn't have the presence of mind to ask questions) beat and be back to my cheerful, perky self (there may be some sarcasm in that statement).

I'll have an actual update, with, you know, progress and pictures, as soon as there's something to update about.