Show Photo!

Here's Manuela's photo from Show for the Cure! She got 3rd place in H/J with this setup.  Great job!

There's not a whole lot to write...I've been really busy with tack, finishing things, packing them up, and doing a little bit of painting on the side.  Usually I'm tack only, but I do dabble in pastels occasionally.  I'm finally finishing my Dinky Duke up, just have details to do now!  No photos of him, unfortunately, but he does have a name! Secondhand Serenade, but no one will ever hear it because he'll never be shown, poor fellow.

This week will be devoted to english homework and finishing up two projects: Shauna's english set and a donation for Red Deer Rebellion.  Because I am just that brilliant, I have less than two weeks to wrap up a saddle and the assorted gear that goes with it.  I completed the carving this evening, so theoretically it's smooth sailing from here on out.  That's in theory, though, so just you wait for something to happen!