Coming Soon!

Progress on the first saddle made with the new pattern

I'm updating my Stablemate Saddle Tutorial!  Actually, I'm completely reworking it.  I posted that poor thing back in 2007, almost four years ago.  It's still pretty popular, apparently, despite numerous flaws.  I looked it up today and it's got nearly 2,000 views over the course of four years on a pretty slow board.

This tutorial will be for the G3 Warmblood, but the G3s can share saddles.  Right now I have the pattern done, I'm just testing it out and making notes during the creation.  After I get the kinks worked out in the pattern and process(and I know they're in there),  I'll make a second saddle and document the progress with photos and more notes.  Once the text is written up, I'm going to pass this on to one or two hobbyists for a test run.  That way I can have feedback on how well the instructions work and the overall friendliness of the project!  I'll post the tutorial here, for sure, and likely copies on Fallen-Leaves and Blab.  If it's popular enough, I may see if a hobby publication wants to pick it up, too.

 If you'd like to test-run the tutorial, please drop me a line.  'Test pilots' need to be able to complete the tutorial in a timely manner, document how it went, and provide feedback on rough areas.  You can send an email to or post in the comments if you're interested and I'll email a copy to you whenever it's done.