Tutorial Progress

Last night I finished the first complete saddle based on the new tutorial pattern.  I found some things that I want to tweak, but the pattern is sound!  I'll adjust the pattern and write up my scribbled notes on the process today.  The second test saddle will be started today, and I'll refine the directions and time myself as I go along.  It could be ready for testing as early as Monday!  Release to everyone will have to wait until I get feedback from my lovely test people and make any necessary adjustments, but I am beyond excited!

The black saddle was the first try.  Since I hate making anything without a purpose, I added a couple of things during the process so that I can hang on to it for my personal show string.  I'll probably include those things as optional steps in the tutorial.

Also in progress for my personal show string is a western show saddle.  It's got the most extensive carving so far, and I'm pretty pleased with it.  Of course I see things I wouldn't mind changing, but I can always sell it and make a new one for myself later.