Boxes, Bodies, and Baggies

I got the last saddles on my desk boxed up! Four saddles in three boxes, and I will be so relieved when they hit the mail.  Well, when they reach their new homes. With those boxed up, I can start boxing up my studio.  I began that process a few weekends ago, by sewing fleece baggies for my small collection of mini resins.

They were really easy to make! If anyone's interested I can post a pattern of sorts, but I made all what...15 of them? Something like that, in one day and one yard of fleece.  That's hand stitching, too, so if you get along with sewing machines it would be even faster.  I'm actually a 'snuggie' short, but the horse it's for is out being painted so I'm not worried.  In the background is The Yellow Cat, seen a few other places in the blog.  He thinks he's helping, but shhh...he's not, really.  Better than The Grey Cat, who decided that the box of fleecy resins would make a great nap spot! I was too panicked to get a photo of that.

And, just for kicks, my body box.

It's a crazy conglomeration of four generations of Stablemates, some Stones, and micro minis in the very bottom.  I'm missing a few Stones, but only ones that aren't practical for tack fitting or had crazy limited releases in plastic.  I have a copy of every Breyer Stablemate mold from the past four generations, with the notable exception of the G1 Quarter Horse mare.  I can't seem to find a cheap one that isn't on eBay.  So far no requests for tack on her, so I think I'm safe.

Tomorrow morning I'll ship what I can and keep packing up my studio.  I need to gather up my tools and everything else that lives on that desk before we start tear down this weekend. If I think about it, I'll try to get some stuff on general organization.