The last two days have been the most fun mail days in a while! USPS showed up on my doorstep yesterday morning, which is unusual since technically we're on the rural route.  I was expecting my Tandy order, so was a little disappointed when the box felt nothing like leather dye.  It was, in fact, my microeconomics textbook.  Not a horrible thing to get three mail days before class starts, especially remembering the fiasco last semester.

I had just resigned myself to waiting another day for my Tandy order to show when UPS pounds on the door.  They must have knocked and dropped the box, because she was halfway to the truck by the time I made it to the door.  It's a good thing I caught them, too, because the box was tiny! This time it was Tandy, and of course I had to open everything and play with it.

This morning USPS shows up on my door again! I couldn't imagine what I'd bought that would be coming all the way from Pennsylvania in a pretty big box, insured and signature confirmation.  As an aside, it is ridiculously difficult to sign those dinky little forms while trying to hang on to a medium flat rate box and the rest of the day's mail. It's a good thing this is a small town, because if someone got suspicious and started comparing signatures, I don't think they'd match.  Very confused, I started working my way through the generous packing material until I hit bubble wrap.  Then, well, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I squealed.  I think I may have scared the cat, too.  The reason I couldn't remember ordering anything was simple: I hadn't! In the box were the trade horses that I mentioned in the New Design & Finished Stuff post from May.  Kim did a wonderful job on both of them!

This is the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL friendship! I've already got Kim lined up to paint my Stone Chips Jumper when my studio is back up.  These two horses were an excellent early birthday surprise, though I'm sure it wasn't planned that way.  I think I just might get back into photoshowing with these beauties!