It's Only a Bajillion Degrees Outside

Actually, according to the Weather Channel, it's 95 and feels like 98.  Also according to the Weather Channel, that's about 10 degrees too hot.  95 is also the record high; I'm not sure if we set it or met it today and I really don't care.  It's just too hot.  I get the best photo results outside, though, and that's where I was.

Stickywax doesn't like to stick in 95 degree heat.  It prefers to smear.  This also reminded me of why I really don't like to use Sulser bits: I can't get them to sit right, even when the stickywax cooperates.  They're just a little bulky, too, but then most things for Stablemates are.  I have a few from an old trade that I was saving for who knows what, and I decided to use one on a personal piece.  I may try to offload the others on MH$P.  They drive me that crazy.  (Anyone want 3 pairs of Sulser eggbutt snaffles and a  pair of stirrups? Anyone?)

The 'table' I have my stuff set up on is actually the roof of our outside dog house, which is covered in shingles.  Shingles that are extremely hot.  Rather than melt my arms to the roof, I had to get pretty inventive with ways to prop myself up.  That green thing to the right was pretty handly, but only worked for one arm at a time.  I had to try and land the other elbow on my camera's neck strap, which isn't very big.  Picture someone playing Twister on top of a giant frying pan, and that's a pretty accurate description of what I was trying to do.  It was so worth it, though!

More pictures of this set can be seen at my Picasa album.

Since I already had the dressage stuff out, I shot a few performance photos of my Working Girl, too.
I took 30 some pictures, but failed to notice that after the first 10 or so the stickywax gave in to the heat and the crown of the bridle popped up.  Add to that the usual focus adjustments necessary during the first five or so...and I got exactly one usable photo.  The last 15 are lovely; well focused, a few different positions that actually make sense at K, etc, but that crazy crown piece ruins 'em.