Rough Riders Live!

Like a lot of artists, I donate to a few different shows every year.  So far this year I've sent donations to Show for the Cure, Red Deer Rebellion, and in just less than a week Rough Riders Live will be added.  The show is held in Fargo, ND, and will run from July 30 to 31.  They have an entire day devoted to minis and performance! Sounds like my kind of show!

When Nancie, the hostess, asked me to donate I said sure! Unfortunately, I timed things badly and wasn't able to get anything along the scale of S4tC or RDR ready in time.  I did have a nice, all around personal set that I'd made ready, so I shipped that out to North Dakota.  Nancie received it on the 21st, in plenty of time for the show.  I thought her email was too sweet not to share, so with her permission:


The sm tack set arrived today!!  OMG, I had to get my glasses on to see it!!  LOL
How in the WORLD do you make such small tack and so beautifully?  LOL

Thank you so much for the donation and I'll make sure to lyk who wins it.  WOW!!


I love hearing about how people react to my tack, their success with my tack at shows, and how it does as a donation.  It really, truly makes my day.  I'm sure other artists feel the same way, so don't forget to update them!

Here's a close-up of the saddle that I sent to Nancie:

Good luck next weekend, Nancie, and to everyone who will be at Rough Riders Live!


PS: I haven't forgotten about the raffle! I'm working things out, and I'm reasonably sure that the next post will have details.