New Toy!

I picked up a cheap P&S camera via Amazon's Gold Box deals earlier last week, and it arrived yesterday afternoon.  It's a nice little Canon Powershot that was 60% off or thereabouts.  Definitely worth picking up, though it won't completely replace my Nikon D60.  I can take the Canon along to the lake or any other event that I consider 'high risk' in place of my Nikon.  Losing or damaging a $50 camera will result in far fewer tears than losing or damaging a $650 camera!  I'm pretty impressed with the quality, too, and excited to have video on it!

Unfortunately, I've already learned that my projected goal of Tuesday/Thursday blog posts won't happen.  Tuesday is press day at the newspaper I work at, and by the time we're done on Tuesday night I'm ready to fall over.  I'll figure something out, though, never fear.

In the meantime, here's a photo (taken on the Canon) of the press I help run:

The press is divided into two units, and I run the unit on the left.  Those white rolls of paper are thicker than regular newsprint and weight around 1300 lbs.   A full roll of newsprint is closer to 900.  The thing is a beast! 

Raffle ends this weekend, don't forget!