Raffle Results!

I cut and folded all 200(ish) comments this afternoon! I started out with a bowl, but outgrew it pretty quickly.  I ended up using my cat's sleeping basket (we call it a beddy-bye basket; anyone who's seen Aristocats will know what I'm talking about!) to hold the comments.  Of course kitty was very interested and cooperated nicely by scooping two comments out for me!  You can't get any more random than a cat, right?

She's picking the $20 credit winner in the photo.

The winner of the western or english set is....
Tami!   The winning comment was "What a great idea. I've enjoyed reading your blog so far and I love your tack :)" on 8/11/11.  I'm glad you've enjoyed reading, Tammi!

The winner of the $20 credit towards any future order is....
Tabatha Pack! Her winning comment was also from 8/11/11.

Thanks to all for reading and participating over the last month! Tammi and Tabatha, please send me an email at akirby@dreamflitedesign.com!