Sally's Answer

Last week, Sally Whippet asked a question on the Frequently Asked Questions post.  I didn't answer right away, because to answer properly I was going to have to hunt for something.  Believe me, I hunted all over that silly hard drive and had myself pretty worried that the photos had gotten lost somewhere.  I finally found them, though!

In 2007 or 2008, I was commissioned to create a portrait set for a custom Secretariat.  This was a really fun, challenging project.  I had done racing tack before, but never a hood.  That took some thinking, trying, and trying again before I got it 'okay'.  Looking back, I'm not happy with it and I'm pretty sure I wasn't happy with it then, either, but there's only so much you can do.  Unfortunately, these pictures were taken before the saddle blanket was finished.  What's on there now is a pad, the edge of which can just be seen in the reference photo.

And here's a slightly more recent racing set.

So, Sally, to answer your question: Yes, I do make racing tack!