I'm a numbers freak.  I took Pre-Calc & Trig in high school and LIKED IT. I'm also a fan of useless information, and I want to share that passion with you today by giving you statistics about this blog that you could probably care less about! I doubt you're all as interested as I am, but it's really cool to see how the pageviews have grown since I revamped the blog in January, and even more since I started the raffle in July.  The blog peaked in June with just over 1000 page views, but August is set to overtake with over 950 in the first couple of weeks.   

According to Blogger, the vast majority of you are from the US, with the UK and Australia a pretty even second.  After that is Canada, and then a handful of European countries like Germany, France, and Estonia (who knew?!).  Most of you use Windows OS, but Internet Explorer and Firefox are evenly tied as top web browser, with Chrome a close second.  

Most of you come over here from Jennifer Buxton's wonderful, wonderful blog, but quite a few make it over from my website.  Model Horse Blab has been a source of traffic recently, thanks to a post announcing the raffle. The search results that turn up my blog include dreamflite design, dream flight design model horse, and
"pics of so randoms studio"? People who are looking for pics of so randoms studio are actually looking for photos from Demi Lovato's Disney Channel show Sonny With A Chance. I'm sure they're quite disappointed to find someone rambling on about model horses and saddles!

Prior to the raffle, the most-viewed post was my product review of stirrup irons.  Now? The official raffle announcement with 161, followed by the FAQ with 48.  The most commented post? The raffle announcement with 30.  The recent galloping boots tutorial with 17, followed by "I Think I'm In Love" with 16, take second and third.

And, for some not-so-useless information, trim painting has progressed and hopefully I'll be able to move back into my room before class starts on the 22nd!