All Kinds of Busy

Class and I are getting along pretty well, but it's taking nearly all of my time.  Kills me, cause I really want to work on a few projects but there's just no way to fit it in right now.  I'm a little obsessive-compulsive about grades, so I can't justify skimping on the coursework to do model stuff.  School has kept me away from my camera, too, which is a bummer.  I haven't touched it for anything artistic and outside of the model horse world since the end of August.

The good news, though, is that I have declared October 1-2 as homework free days.  I'm going to work a little harder (and smarter!) until then so that I can have everything completed and submitted on September 30.  I should be able to make some progress then, but the primary goal is to give my poor brain a rest.

More good news: the paper I work for asked to interview me about my tack making business! I did the interview last week, and I'll post the article text or link to it or something when it comes out.  Might be this week's edition, I don't know.  Kind of exciting!  I'll keep you guys updated, and hopefully I'll have something GOOD to talk about soon!

Update: I got to read the article at work today and it turned out great! It'll run in this week's edition of the paper, so I'll have a copy on Tuesday and hopefully get it up that night or the following afternoon.  I'm always a little worried when I talk about the hobby, but the interview went very well and I'm proud to say that I do not sound like a plastic pony variation on the crazy cat lady!