Look Who's Here!

Little Lonestar arrived today! He's a handsome devil, that's for sure, and I've already got a saddle lined up for him! Tami, the raffle winner, chose to have a western set done up for her own copy of Little Lonestar.  I can't wait to get started!

Someone requested a comparison between Little Lonestar and Working Girl, and I'm reasonably sure that they could share tack.  Little Lonestar is probably a scale hand and a bit taller than Working Girl.  It's a noticable height difference, but not enough to say that they're not the same scale.  Working Girl is a hair under 5(ish) cm at the high point of the withers, Little Lonestar is about 5 1/2cm at the same point.

For the record, bare resin is freakishly difficult to photograph, and since I'm supposed to be reading about the events that lead up to the Great War in 1914, I didn't have time to pull out a backdrop or anything fancy.  Here are some quick comparison snaps, though!

My Little Lonestar already has a name: Zimmer.  I picked up a ton of Aaron Copeland, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer music at the library last night and somehow, the name just fits him.  I still have to decide on a color, and then on to a painter! Yikes!