New (To Me) Car!

Finally, a replacement for my 98 Ford Contour!

The new car is a 98 Pontiac Sunfire, with just 84k on it! It's a manual, which is definitely new for me but I'm doing okay! Two days of driving lessons and I can take it around our small town by myself.  It's a nice upgrade from my previous vehicle, though that's not a bad car, really.

Since buying my first one at 18, I've gone through a car a year like clockwork.  The transmission went out on my first car, but I paid $550 for it and it lasted me a year, so that's actually okay.   My second car was a lovely Chrylser Cirrus with a sunroof, automatic everything-but-headlights, and leather interior that was hit by a deer.  A month after the $500 body work, the timing belt blew on a full tank of gas while I was on my way to work.  I had just been thinking, "Gee, it's lasted me an entire year! This is great!"  Never. Again.  Third car was bought as emergency transportation after three weeks of being driven to work by my dad.  It was cheap and aside from some rust and no A/C was in really good running condition for it's age.  It's given me no problems, actually, but the lack of A/C in a Kansas summer isn't something to play around with.  Now it's been almost a year since I bought that car, but at least this switch was planned!

New car here should last me another three or four years, hopefully through the end of college.