Yesterday, I sliced my thumb open on a glass. Silly thing broke in my hand under normal pressure, and viola! I have a lovely cut on my thumb.  I'll spare you all a shot of the actual cut, but suffice it to say that stitches were not off the table for most of yesterday.  The cut is long, jagged, deep, and in an awkward spot between my knuckles. It made work difficult yesterday, since it was press day and we were trying to get the paper out.  I felt so bad that I couldn't do my normal workload and help.  Not much I could do about it, though, and everyone is really understanding.

It's sore, itchy, and really, really ugly today.  Good thing I wasn't planning on getting any tack done this week, huh?

In more pleasant news, one of the english saddle tutorial testers sent me a photo of her saddle made from the tutorial and a bridle she did herself!

Tack & photo by Shanti

She did a fantastic job on the saddle, of course, and look at that girth!  The bridle is a really nice effort, too, much tidier than what you typically see in this scale.

I'm still plugging away at the tutorial, but I'm barely balancing school and work right now, so progress is slow.