You Know You Live In A Small Town When...

Update: The article has been posted on the newspaper's website! Head over to to read the full article (link takes you directly to the article).  The photos are in color!

You know you live in a small town when this is front page news:

I was told on Tuesday that I was going to be on the front page, but when I actually SAW the front page as I was trimming the negative I was a little shocked.  I hadn't realized that it would be so BIG.  But aside from having my face plastered across the front page, I don't think I embarrassed myself or the hobby that badly.  I got to read an advanced copy and a couple of itty bitty things were changed, like removing the part about half my closet devoted to models (not entirely true, and it sounds a little creepy) and the tag line for the photo that used "toy" instead of "model."  I did notice, upon rereading it this morning that my website's in there wrong.  Oh well, it's just a letter off (designs, rather than design) and it'll still get 'em there.

The article isn't up online and I don't have time to track down a text copy, but here's a photo of the article for anyone interested.