Another Pretty on the Wish List

The recent spate of posts was due to the discovery of the schedule feature that Blogger offers.  I wrote them up in two days and scheduled them to go off every other day.  It was wonderful! Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot to talk about now and very little brain power to think of some insightful topic to speak of.  Today, anyway, an email will take care of the problem.

Stacey Tumlinson is releasing a mini version of Covenant Kept! The mini is called Covenant Renewed and is curio scale, 4 inches long.  I'm guessing he'll be pretty close to Dinky Duke in size.  Unfortunately, there's no money in the pony fund because I haven't had time for tack! Under normal circumstances I might just buy it anyway but I've got a trifecta of expenses: new car, Christmas, and tuition (shudder!) are all on the radar.  Sigh.  I do a lot of trading, but that's only helpful if I have the time to work on tack!

Right now most of my time, as always, is spent on class work.  Any spare time is spent learning how to drive the (insert impolite word here) stick shift.  I'm finessing a lot of things before I'm safe to unleash on heavily populated areas and it's not going...smoothly.  Literally, haha.  It'll come, though, and I really enjoy driving it.