Hakuna Matata!

I went to see the Lion King in 3-D during it's two-week stint in theaters.  It's the movie I remember the most from my childhood.  My brother and I had the toys, the clothes, and my wonderful grandma embroidered us pillow cases with Nala and Simba on them.  Apparently she let us look through a coloring book to pick what we wanted! Those pillow cases seem to have vanished, unfortunately.

If you wondered whether or not the reissue of this movie was worth the $13.50 admission price (not to mention the cost of popcorn and a drink!), the answer is YES.  Completely, totally, 110% worth it.

The animation, brilliant to begin with, is enhanced by 3-D technology rather than overshadowed by it.  The original film had some amazing moments that are completely brought to life in this updated viewing.  The wildebeast stampede, the flying birds, the rain at the end after Simba defeats Scar! It's all brilliant.  The movie comes out on BluRay and DVD today, I believe, and I'm going to have to buy it at some point!