Not Much to Say (A Quick Update)

I'm having the usual trouble transitioning from break into the new semester.  Everything feels a little panicky and wobbly the first few weeks as I reorient myself with class and deadlines.  It'll sort itself out, though, and I might be able to blog more often once I hit my stride.  Until then, I'm trying to line up a couple of guest bloggers. 

Show for the Cure is coming up way, way too soon and I haven't even started on my donation yet.  I have at least decided what to do, and I'll have to make room on a weekend to get it taken care of whether I've hit my stride or not.  Hopefully I'll have the presence of mind to take progress photos for blog fodder!

I did get behind on emails the last couple of days, but I'll get caught up this evening.  I know there are a couple of requests for free copies in my inbox, so if you emailed me on the 17th and didn't receive one don't worry.  I'm getting to you! 

Speaking of the saddle guide, free copies are officially 'sold out.'  The guide is still available for $10/copy (PDF form).  If anyone is interested in a hard copy of sorts, I can do some number crunching and see about offering copies on disc.

Here are some screen shots of the guide itself, for those that missed out on the free release.