Slaving Away

Happy New Year!

I spent my day writing, taking pictures, writing again, waiting for dye to dry, writing, taking more pictures, and working on a few little things in between.  Oh, and fighting a hideous sinus something-or-other.  It's kicking my butt but good. 

I should have the rest of the tutorial finished by tomorrow, so stayed tuned for release details.

In the next week or so I'll be putting some brand new items up on MH$P as they are completed.  It's all english this time around, which is a welcome break from western saddles.  Updating the website galleries and getting my Excel spreadsheets in order for 2012 are also on the agenda.  I'm contemplating reworking the blog design (again!) so bear with me if you happen to stumble across something a little funny looking!  I've told myself that I can't rework the website, but I need something new and pretty somewhere, so the blog will have to suffice.

My desk is feeling the sudden burst of activity and taking it rather hard...

Clean up will be on tomorrow's agenda, methinks.