False Start

I had high hopes for last Friday.  As usual, reality didn't quite live up to the hype.

First, I decided that I really ought to have just started out working on the floor.  I spent so much time down there trying to find bits or cheekpieces or buckles.  It was ridiculous.  At least there's a low-pile rug down there (mostly as protection from dye!), which usually makes finding things easier.

And then, oh how lovely, the saddle I started for my donation to Show for the Cure didn't fit the intended model.  It didn't fit WeeJay, either.  It looked okay on Working Girl and the WEG Driving Horse, but trotting models are often best suited to lower level eventing, and that is one thing this saddle is not.

There are other issues besides fit.  The flap is too round and it's just...off.  It's a little too big and too round.  Other than that, it's lovely.  There's contrasting piping between the seat and jockeys, around the gullet, and between the seat and panels.  What I'd like to do is tear out the flaps (oh the pain!) and start over.  The seat and panels are pretty good, so maybe I can salvage it.

I started a dressage saddle just in case I can't pull off the entire package for the eventing saddle in time.  The plan was to include boots all around, a five point breastplate, and two bridles: one for the tricky G3 Warmblood, and one for Working Girl.  It's nice to have all of the bases covered, y'know?  The dressage saddle didn't get very far, either.  The eventing saddle and a small double bridle order took a lot of the day, so I have nicely dyed pieces waiting to be assembled.  Hopefully I can get into that soon, but I have lots of plans for this weekend.