The Most Wonderful* Smell in the World

*As a disclaimer, the most wonderful smell in the world might actually go to that odd, lovely combination of scents that spells HORSE.  I haven't been close to that in forever, so, we'll just go with this, kay?

Is opening up a big box of leather.  A full hide, in fact.  The tack store smell just wafts out of it.  It's beautiful.  The dark marks on the second quality hide that I purchased? Not so much.  I knew it would have those marks going into it and I chose the hide anyway.  I figured that I could work around them, but I just didn't realize that they'd be so...everywhere.  This is one of the largest and most concentrated areas (hand for scale, wet spot is a test area for lemon juice), but they're scattered over a good 2/3 of the hide.  There are maybe a couple of square feet of clean leather in the whole thing.

 Next time I decide to do something on the cheap and save a bit of money, I'm not going to assume I can work around something sight unseen! This will be a great learning experience, right?

 I have been told that they will dye over with dark dyes and can be gotten out with diluted lemon juice.  On to experimenting! If the lemon juice doesn't work and you see lots and lots of black and havana saddles out of me over the next 8 or 12 months, you'll know why.

The yellow cat was almost as excited by the big box as I was, and insisted on helping.  He got his own little piece of leather to hopefully keep him out of the good stuff.

And did his best to "help."