Coming Along

I've been working hard on a new sales piece, hence the radio silence!  I want to have it done before the last few weeks of class hit; at that point, I'll be worthless until class lets out.  All the scrambling around for finals and last minute papers and stuff, yuck. 

Once done, this sales piece will be auctioned on eBay.  It will probably be a three day auction and I'll announce the start date via the Yahoogroup, here on the blog, Facebook, and also on MH$P and the Model Horse Blab forum. 

The set fits the ever popular WeeJay and also Kelly Savage's recent release, the Babysitter.  It will include the saddle, bridle, two girths (one with a cut out for WeeJay's rod), two pads (fitted and square), a five point breastplate, regular breastplate, two pairs of galloping boots, one pair of open front boots, a pair of ankle boots, and a pair of bell boots.  The bell boots are BLUE! Such fun to be able to use some of the brighter colors that came with my sample set of Eco-Flo dyes. 

Of course, all of that information is worthless without pictures!