Good Reading

I'll be out of state for a wedding this weekend, and to keep up the momentum I've built (so many posts this week!) here's some interesting stuff I've come across recently.

Timaru Star II - Braided Headgear.  Fascinating article about Susan Bensema Young's braided bridles, halters, bosals, etc.  Well worth the read, very informative!

Saddle Critiques by Riversong Musings.  A wealth of information about the construction of western saddles.

Marilyn Fowler's Making of a Western Pleasure Saddle.  Another (Traditional scale!) artist's method, step by step.

The Elephant in the Room.  A fascinating thread that is, in many ways, a "state of the hobby" discussion.  The thread is from the POV of painters, but much of what they're saying applies to all aspects of the hobby.

How to Make A Simple Lightbox.  Excellent tutorial by Shoestring Stables.  She's got a wonderful eye for making quality stuff on a budget.