If You Can't Find Me...

 I've been buried alive under a pile of textbooks and research material.

Those are my reference materials for two 5 to 10 page papers.  The stack of books on the left is for a paper due on the 11th.  The stack on the right is for a paper due May 1st.  I have a two two page papers due in between those.  I am settling in for a night of researching, note taking, and outlining with a fresh glass of iced tea and X Files: Fight the Future for background noise.

What can I say? It's the last month of the semester.  Class officially releases on May 11, but I'll probably be done sooner than that. Life is going to be a bit nuts from now until then.  I'll update and what not when I can.  If you don't hear from me for a little while...just point a Saint Bernard with some Cherry Coke in the direction of the massive avalanche of dry, dusty literature in the corner.  I'm in there somewhere.

Mel Torme has nothing to do with France or the Civil War.  Just sayin'.  I found it at the library when I was gathering up half the section on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.  I can't resist good 1950s swing/big band era music.