(Kind of) Random Musings

It's obviously been a slow month for tack.  I'm still slogging my way through papers, biweekly exams, and massive reading assignments.  Oh, and my "real" work at the print shop.  Can't forget that.  I haven't had enough spare time to pull out tack stuff; in fact, I cleaned my desk off early this week.  I have managed to take a few springy photos...for the sake of color, here you go:

I'm trying to make a serious dent in my 5-10 page study on Monaco today.  Supper's in the crockpot and can remain unattended for the next forty-five minutes or so and my usual Wednesday evening activities have been canceled.  Theoretically, I should be able to work all evening.  I'm ensconced in my computer chair, cracking sunflower seeds, drinking Dr. Pepper, and praying that inspiration strikes, pronto.  Typically I'm fairly verbose; my last paper of this magnitude went to 9 out of the allowed 10 pages, and I was scrambling to wrap it up before I ran out of space.  I got nothin' this time, though, and it's gorgeous outside.  I'm having a horrible time focusing.

Which is why I took a screen cap of the blog's stats! Fun, right? Y'all remember the last time I did this? (click to enlarge)

Well, more of you are using Firefox than before, and I suddenly have a very strong viewership in Russia.   Other than that...well, not much is going on. Once I have this blasted paper out of the way, life will go more smoothly.  It's worth 50% of my final grade for the class, so I'm definitely concerned, but the other six or seven (much shorter) papers that I've written for this class have all gotten full marks, so maybe I'm just panicking.