One Down

I submitted one of two 5-10 page research papers this morning.  The other paper is due May 1 and needed to be started, oh, last week or so.  I have at least two more 2-3 page papers that need to be written by then, too, plus the associated reading and a few exams.  So it's one down...LOTS more to go.

The good news is that as of May 11, I'll be free! I'm opting to skip my usual summer interim class for the sake of my sanity.  I have lots of exciting stuff planned for this summer now that it's free.  One of those things will be that sales piece I've been working on.  I realized the other day that I'll have to make WeeJay his own breastplates and at least one set of boots.  His rod interferes with a regular breastplate, and I don't think I can fake it for the Babysitter.  His tucked up legs interfere with front boots, too.  Augh!  I almost decided to leave it at the Babysitter, but I don't think there are enough copies in circulation yet and WeeJay is so incredibly popular.  It'll be well worth my time to make another two breastplates and more boots, I think.

I've also got a really, really exciting announcement to make...but I need to finalize a few things, and I can't focus on those details until class is over. It'll have to wait just a little while longer until school is out for the summer.