Change of Plans

Remember how excited I was that WeeJay and the Babysitter could share tack? And then how I started working on the set that they could share? Well, I found out that saddles and bridles are about all that they can share. 

WeeJay's girth has to be trimmed out to accommodate his acrylic rod, and his breastplates have to be specially made for the same reason.  His front cannon bones are about the same length as Babysitter's, but since his legs are tucked up they can't really share boots.  Her hind cannons are longer than his, so they can't really share rear boots, either.  At the end of the day, the only accessories they could realistically share are bell boots and hind ankle boots, and the bell boots might be a stretch.  WeeJay's feet are bigger and longer than the Babysitters!

The breaking point: four breastplates, two girths, and way, way too many boots.

After the fourth breastplate, I realized that continuing with the original plan for this set would actually be losing me money.  With the exception of an extra saddle and bridle, I have almost finished two complete sets of accessories, including girths.  It'll mean a bit more work, but I think I'll be able to attract more buyers by auctioning two complete sets separately. 

I make tack for fun, but it also helps to pay for additional hobby purchases and some of my tuition and living expenses. I often feel very blessed that I can earn some extra money by doing something that I enjoy so much.