On Auction Barn: English Package for The Babysitter!

  The auction went live a few minutes ago on Auction Barn!  Evilbay just wasn't worth the headache.  7 day auction, $0.99 starting bid, no reserve!

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This package includes the saddle, raised snaffle bridle with laced reins, padded girth, and the following accessories:
- Plain hunting breastplate
- Plain five-point breastplate with white "sheepskin" padding
- Full set of galloping/brushing boots
- 1 pair of open front boots
- 1 pair of hind ankle boots
- 1 pair of blue bell boots with dark brown/black accents
- 1 white fitted "fleece" pad
- 1 white "quilted" square pad with blue trim

All crafted especially for this model with my standard attention to detail and easy on/off for busy show days!