Or Not?

If anyone is wondering why there hasn't been an auction announcement yet, well....There have been some technical difficulties with eBay.  In short: I can't list an item.  45 minutes with tech support did me no good.  My tech support person did her best and was very friendly, but in the end the best she could do was submit a glitch report. 

I'd really like to have this set out and about in time for BF/NAN, so getting the auction moving is kind of important.  I'm considering switching the auction to My Auction Barn.  For those who haven't heard, it's a dedicated hobby auction site that, for all intents and purposes, operates much like eBay.  It doesn't receive as much traffic as eBay, but from what I understand it works just as well when an item is specific to the hobby, has a wide appeal, and is highly advertised.  It may be a go if I can't get eBay to cooperate in the next couple of days.